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Sonography is a painless and proven method for diagnosis of abdominal organs, neck region, skull and hip. In addition, ultrasound is an ideal method to diagnose numerous other ailments, such as, joint inflammation with effusion.

Abdominal sosnography is applied for example in unidentified abdominal pain, kidney disease, urinary tract infections, etc.

Cranial sonography is used to assess the child’s brain.

Ultrasound of the Neck region is applicable for example in assessing the thyroid gland, the large neck vessels, lymph nodes, etc.

Ultrasonography by the Hip region is proven method to evaluate the hip development in infants. Due to early diagnosis, already taking place during the first weeks of a child, defects in develop hipbone development can be detected early and treated. (1st and 2nd Hipbone Ultrasound diagnoses in the context of mother-child pass examinations.)

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