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Dr. Rozalia Csutak

Specialist in Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine

Mrs. Denisa Vital

“I am part of the team since 2013. I am also a mother of a daughter. Professional development and practical implementation of the knowledge acquired play a very important role in my life. Together with my colleagues we shape a great and well coordinated team. I speak German, Slovak, Czech and English.”

Mrs. Stefanie Gollenz

Student for Communacion and Publicistics. I am a part of the team since 2017. I speak German and English.

Mrs. Elena Grossmann

student of Law and Philosophy. Responsible for appointments and all request by phone or mail. I speak fleuntly German, English, French and study Spanish.

Clarissa Rehor

is goin to study Low, since June 2020 is part of the team. I assist examinations and manage appointemnts and any requests by phone and mail. I speak fluently German, English, French and basik skills in Hungarian.

Katharina Zikulnig

Student for Dentistry, since March 2020 a colleagueof the team. I manage appointments and any requests by phone or mail. I do also assist the doctor during examinations. I speak German and English fluently.

Tatjana Holzknecht

Graduated of Economics and going to study medicine. I am joining the the clinic since August 2020. I do assist during examinations. I speak fluently German, English and French.

Csilla Bakova

Assitant for health management. Since August I am joining the clinic. I am a mother of a two years old girl. Speak fluently German, Hungarian, Slovac, Czech, English.

Mrs. Lejla Jahic

medical student. I am responsible for managing appointments. I am nativ speaker in Bosneak language, aditionally Serb and Croat, German, English and French.

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