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I personally attach value, both to individual support and to a respectful attitude to children and their parents. As a pediatrician and a mother of two girls, I daily experience the children’s personal development steps at first hand. With each step of development, children face certain phases, which also challenge their parents, be it after birth, during kindergarten, at school starting age or in teenage years. And on top of that health concerns add to everyday problems. Here I see my task in giving competent medical support to our junior generation until the age of 18 as well as in taking account of the parents’ concerns and fears and in jointly developing sustainable prevention strategies focusing on health education and nourishing consultation. To attain these objectives, I started up my own practice in 2010.


Qualifications and Diplomas

  • Pediatrician
  • Education and  longstanding professional experience in the Vienna St. Anna Pediatric Hospital
  • Additional training in Ultrasonic-Testing at the University Pediatric Clinic, AKH Vienna
  • Additional training in pediatric pulmonology and pulmonary function diagnostics
  • Psychosomatics – ÖAK-Diplomas for Psychosocial Medicine and Psychosomatics (PSY I and II)
  • Nutrition– ÖÄK-Diploma for Nutrition
  • Lactation counseling– IBCLC Diploma 2007
  • Acupuncture – ÖÄK-Diploma for Acupuncture
  • Languages: German, Hungarian, English

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